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Officers & Membership

The members of ECOS are the state and territorial environmental protection agencies.

ECOS Officers:

ECOS President,Dick Pedersen, Director, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

ECOS Vice President, Robert Martineau, Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

ECOS Secretary-Treasurer, Martha Rudolph, Director of Environmental Programs, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

ECOS Past President, Teresa Marks, Director, Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality

Executive Committee

The governing body of ECOS, other than the general membership, is the Executive Committee, composed of the officers, the chairs of the standing committees, one State representative from each EPA region, and one State representative from the non-contiguous States and territories.

As of 10/1/13


President: Dick Pedersen, Oregon

Vice President: Robert Martineau, Tennessee

Secretary-Treasurer: Martha Rudolph, Colorado

Past President: Teresa Marks, Arkansas

Committee Chairs

Air: Tracy Stone-Manning, Montana

Water: Colleen Cripps, Nevada

Waste: David Glatt, North Dakota

Compliance: Tom Easterly, Indiana

Planning: Patti Aho, Maine

Cross-Media: Justin Johnson, Vermont

Regional Representatives

Region 1: Pattie Aho, Maine

Region 2: Joe Martens, New York

Region 3: David Paylor, Virginia

Region 4: Bruce Scott, Kentucky

Region 5: Dan Wyant, Michigan

Region 6: Bryan Shaw, Texas

Region 7: Bill Ehm, Iowa

Region 8: Martha Rudolph, Colorado

Region 9: Henry Darwin, Arizona

Region 10: Dick Pedersen, Oregon

Islands: Gary Gill, Hawaii