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The Environmental Research Institute of the States (ERIS) is a 501(c)3 education and research non-profit that supports the Environmental Council of the States. ERIS is not a membership organization.

The purposes of ERIS are:

  • To improve the environment of the United States; and
  • To further the understanding of the roles and activities of the states in the federal system with respect to environmental protection; and
  • To conduct environmental policy research including the dissemination of results through publications, meetings, electronic media, and similar venues; and
  • To act as a forum where state environmental policy makers interact with other environmental stakeholders regarding environmental policy in the United States; and
  • To provide education programs to assist in the development of environmental policy in the United States; and
  • To support and operate on behalf of the Environmental Council of the States.


The Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council (ITRC) is a project housed under ERIS. ITRC is a state led coalition of regulators, industry experts, academia, citizen stakeholders, and federal partners working together ro increase regulatory acceptance of state-of-the-art environmental technologies and approaches. To find out more about ITRC click on

State Authorities and Practices regarding Management of Wastewater Systems. This report is available here.

ERIS By-Laws

ERIS Board Members:

David Paylor, President

Bob King, Vice President

Bill Holman, Secretary-Treasurer

Leo Drozdoff, Board Member

Christopher Jones, Board Member

John Mitchell, Board Member

Sara Pauley, Board Member


Carolyn Hanson