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Burden Reduction Initiative

ACS Measures Review and State Reporting Burden Reduction Initiative

In October 2006, U.S. EPA and ECOS launched a joint Burden Reduction Initiative focused on state concerns over escalating reporting requirements. U.S. EPA released a progress report at the 2008 ECOS Annual Meeting that discusses progress made since October 2006 in reducing states' low-value, high-burden reporting requirements. The State Reporting Burden Initiative Progress Report (Sept. 2008) outlines EPA's progress on:

  • Addressing 16 priority areas identified by the states in summer 2007;
  • Increasing the initiative's transparency and clarity; and
  • Creating tools for incorporating burden reduction into EPA's standard operating procedures.

The new Burden Reduction web site is live at:

Other documents from the Burden Reduction Initiative are found at the links below.

Grants Policy Issuance on Burden Reduction for State Grants - October 1, 2008

Memo from Marcus Peacock about re-launching the State Burden Reduction Initiative with list of 16 priority categories - June 20, 2008

Final EPA Policy on State Grant Cost Review ’- April, 2008

Second Progress Report and Memo from Marcus Peacock on Implementation Priorities for the State Burden Reduction Initiative - Dec. 3, 2007

First Progress Report and Memo from Marcus Peacok on Implementation Priorities for the State Burden Reduction Initiative

Updated Syntheses - March 9, 2007

Request for State Reporting Burden Reduction Recommendations/Annual Commitment System Measures Streamlining - Fall 2006