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FOSTTA Tribal Affairs Project (TAP)

** Inactive Project

What Is the FOSTTA Tribal Affairs Project?

The Tribal Affairs Project (TAP) focuses on chemical and prevention issues that are most relevant to the tribes, including lead control and abatement, risk assessment, subsistence lifestyles and hazard communications, and outreach.

What Is the Tribal Project's Mission?

The Tribal Project is a forum in which tribal, state, and EPA officials meet to promote, plan, and evaluate actions for protecting human health and the environment in Indian country from pollution threats addressed by the Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics Strategic Agenda in a manner consistent with EPA's Indian policy and Tribal policies for working with the U.S. EPA and cooperating States.

Who Should Participate from the Tribes?

Senior tribal environmental and health managers and elected or politically appointed officials are encouraged to participate. OPPT welcomes representatives from organizations like EPA's Tribal Operations Committee, the National Tribal Environmental Council, and the National Congress of American Indians. Candidates for membership may be nominated by Agency officials or tribal representatives, ECOS, professional societies, or even the general public. FOSTTA's Coordinating Committee (FCC), a steering group of forum members, selects members with a balance of expertise, geographical representation, and other factors in mind. Members are expected to commit a minimum of two years of service to FOSTTA, subject to renewal by the FCC. Individuals interested in FOSTTA are encouraged to attend a meeting to get an understanding of how FOSTTA operates and the kinds of issues the group addresses. EPA, through its arrangement with ECOS, pays the member's travel expenses.

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